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Overcoming Barriers to Leadership and Influence

She exudes confidence, and her years of working in a mostly male-dominated industry have made her quite a commanding presence despite her slight built. Her words blunt and clear. Her eyes, piercing, penetrating and perceptive. Lawyer Iris Baguilat, in her raffled-sleeve dress, exudes the true epitome of intensity and power as the president of Döhle

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Asia CEO Awards 2018 Winners and Finalists

Dohle Seafront Crewing serves not just OFWs, but has the most extensive focus on the families of OFWs. In addition to regular savings, investment programs, the company provides extensive training programs to spouses and children covering everything about health, financial planning, parenting and employment. Let’s have a big hand for Dohle Seafront Crewing, winner of

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Döhle Seafront Family Program

On March 16, 2018, Döhle Seafront Family Program committee spent time with their seafarers, together with the families, who are residing in Bohol, a province located at the Philippines’ Central Visayas Region. It was the fourth provincial session since the Döhle Seafront Family Program started in 2014. The Döhle Seafront Family Program was developed as

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Döhle Seafront Crewing (Manila) Inc. is an independent company that provides excellence and quality in crewing for shipowners and ship managers looking for partners they can depend on.

ISO 9001: 2015 , MLC 2006 Compliant
2018 Grand Winner, Asia CEO Awards for Heart for OFWs
AREA 2019 Investment in People Winner

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