Crew Management Services

Döhle Seafront Crewing (Manila) Inc. is the Philippines’ top provider of ship crew management services. We ensure the best possible fleet crew for our clients. We only recruit well-educated, conscientious seafarers who thrive on change and challenge, adapting to the international working environment.

As a ship crew management provider, we’re responsible for the manning of your vessel. We have experience in various vessel types, including container vessels, bulk, tankers, yachts, and general cargo.

Our services include recruitment, deployment, scheduling, repatriation, training, and career development. We handle crew administrative aspects, such as payroll services and family/social programs. We also provide customized services that result in better productivity for our seafarers and your shipping company.

Our agency is a crewing arm of Döhle Group, an industry leader. As part of this group, we can tap resources that allow us to provide high-standard and timely crew management services to our clients — no matter where their vessels are.

From sourcing talents for a new crew to retaining them in your organization through an efficient payroll system and training programs, you can count on our firm. Leverage our crew management expertise to succeed in the shipping industry.

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Crew Recruitment

crew recruitment

We do strategic sourcing, background checking, and in-depth competency assessment of the applicant.


crew certificate compliance

We check the authenticity of certificates and documents of our applicant as part of our screening process.

Crew Deployment & Repatriation

crew deployment and repatriation

We handle deployment (including visa assistance) and repatriation depending on the contract of the crew.

Payroll Arrangement, Pension...

Our agency is an expert in payroll and allotment, pension administration, and other administrative services.

Crew Husbandry

With our husbandry services, we keep your vessel’s stay in the Port of Manila short and efficient.

Crew Claims Handling

Our agency will professionally take any crew claimand settlement case off your busy hands.

Cadetship Program

Through our top-notch cadetship program, we maintain a reliable pool of qualified crew for our principals.

Career Development

We’re committed to training our seafarers constantly, so they can maximize their career opportunities.

Customized Services

Our team provides crew management services tailored to the unique needs of your vessel.

Leave All Your Crew Management Needs to Döhle


Our extensive recruitment process and cadetship program have resulted in efficient selection and timely deployment of seafarers. With our payroll solutions and other administrative services, we’ve helped our principals improve crew retention. Our agency’s husbandry services allow vessels to minimize shore stay.

Above all, our training and career development programs continue to push Filipino seafarers to grow. We get to supply the global fleet with a highly qualified and dedicated crew, boosting the vessels’ productivity. And with seafarer-focused services, we’ve been instrumental in improving the lives of many OFWs, leading them to continue to deliver uncompromised quality workmanship to our principals.

Döhle Seafront Crewing (Manila) Inc. is your partner in the shore. Through our unparalleled marine crew management services, we help your vessel to be always on the move with the right team on board.

Döhle Seafront Crewing (Manila) Inc. is an independent company that provides excellence and quality in crewing for shipowners and ship managers looking for partners they can depend on.

ISO 9001: 2015 , MLC 2006 Compliant
2018 Grand Winner, Asia CEO Awards for Heart for OFWs
AREA 2019 Investment in People Winner

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